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Rane t4u leads the way - Self-sustaining communities, smart cities and good governance go hand-in-hand via seamless IoT technology and business solutions. Good governance is vital to a country’s development and progress. The rapidly changing global business environment is increasingly demanding intelligent solutions based on high technology and smart outcomes that bring about greater efficiency, optimized resource utilization, transparency and accountability.
Rane t4u’s IoT enabled technologies and platform solutions stitch together multiple stakeholders within given vertical ecosystems [Iron Ore, Sand, Water, Power and many more] powerfully aligning cross-segmental areas, people/processes via seamless and mutually nourishing, self-sustaining scenarios of thriving enterprise.
In today’s age, people are talking not only to other people but also to other things. This new reality calls for a smarter way to communicate and requires a more intelligent communications infrastructure.
Yet one of the largest means of communication, Out-of-Home Media (OOH) is suffocating with petty disputes over billing, payments, management, and planning. At the end of the day, often, the three main participants – the brand, the creative agency and the media owner are all at a disadvantage due to lack of reaffirmed data.
AdWise, by Rane t4u, is built as solution to the various problems faced by stakeholders in the OOH business. We built a wise system with advanced analytics and intelligence, so they can identify and collect relevant data. It is multidirectional instead of point-to-point. Deployed right at the media site, AdWise equips the media owner with confirmed data on the actual performance of the media property and creates the opportunity for everyone to improve the overall campaign plans and execution. With AdWise, Rane t4u has laid the foundation of next-generation wise Out-of-Home media ecosystem solutions.
With the world getting used to enjoying everything at their fingertips, there has been a rapid growth in e-commerce and m-commerce. This has caused widespread growth in the sheer size of distribution logistics across the globe. Logistics vendors are struggling every passing day to keep order in the chaos and make the systems as profitable as they can. But there are several challenges that they face at either end of the systems that keep them from flourishing. At Rane t4u, we believe there is a method in this madness. And by putting advanced technologies to work intelligently, we are creating patterns that can help companies in distribution logistics achieve profitability, and continuity. This encourages them to follow an ecosystem model while keeping the customer at the very core of the solution. By making people and processes more efficient, Rane t4u is helping distribution logistics vendors across different verticals such as, cold chains, cash management, ecommerce logistics and others, optimize their services and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.
The problem is, when it comes to transportation of people there are several vital factors at play – security, availability, flexibility and convenience. An attempt to solve these problems has given birth to a seemingly thriving alternative transportation industry. Self-driven cars, car rental companies, taxi aggregators, corporate fleets, as well as employee transportation services are popping up by the minute but have their own share of operational challenges; exerting more strain on the existing transportation systems.
Rane t4u saw the need for smarter and intelligent people transportation solutions. It is a practice that is focused on creating customized, domain-specific, advanced people mobility solutions. People Mobility provides wise solutions by methods of advanced technology and analytics. It keenly solves bottlenecks at the industry level, for fleet management, with downtime management, and improves vehicle utilization and billing accuracy.
All this puts Rane t4u on its way to building a more intelligent people transportation infrastructure.
With the world getting used to enjoying everything at their fingertips, there has been a rapid growth in e-commerce and m-commerce. This has caused widespread growth in the sheer size of distribution logistics across the globe. Logistics vendors are struggling every passing day to keep order in the chaos and make the systems as profitable as they can. But there are several challenges that they face at either end of the systems that keep them from flourishing.
At Rane t4u, we believe there is a method in this madness. And by putting advanced technologies to work intelligently, we are creating patterns that can help companies in distribution logistics achieve profitability, and continuity. This encourages them to follow an ecosystem model while keeping the customer at the very core of the solution.
By making people and processes more efficient, Rane t4u is helping distribution logistics vendors across different verticals such as, cold chains, cash management, ecommerce logistics and others, optimize their services and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.
Rane t4u provides operations management solutions across a wide spectrum of industry segments with a gamut of real world solutions. Our execution capabilities and installations are dotted around 18+ countries across the globe. Our end-to-end leading edge technology platform and solutions empower clients that range from large multi-national private companies to government bodies to communities at the bottom of the economic pyramid.
About Rane t4u
Rane t4u Private Limited (Formerly known as Telematics 4U Services Pvt. Ltd.), is a pioneer organization that designs and powers connected ecosystems for the real-world, providing end-to-end service offerings, from IoT-business consulting to designing and curating of custom-built IoT-enabled platform solutions. Rane t4u helps clients achieve high visibility, innovative-connectivity, and high-value delivery within their business ecosystems. Rane t4u’s analytics-rich solutions, empowers customers to effectively manage their operational processes with transparency and control across all their critical assets, right to the very edge of their business networks.

The company today hosts large number of assets across multiple platforms, serving its valued clients at hyperlocal levels across 18+ countries. Rane t4u envisions digital technologies as an integral part to unlocking the full potential of a value chain, a powerful transformational tool for businesses to reinvent products, experiences and business models for creating new values, differentiation and revenues.
Cornerstones of Rane t4u

Ecosystems Approach

One of the main reasons Rane t4u can effortlessly integrate diverse stakeholders into collaborative, high value delivery communities is because of its ecosystem approach. With this approach, Rane t4u is equipped to deal with fast-blurring sectoral boundaries, decentralization, inter-dependencies, multifunctional organizations, and self-organizing units that most modern businesses are increasingly morphing into today

IoT-Enabled Platform Solutions

Rane t4u deploys a host of smart-tech systems on-ground for customers, connecting all their assets and stakeholders, enabling a web of intelligent networks across their operational ecosystem, accessible on a single centralized easy-to-use IoT-based platform. These systems are aimed to enable cross-sectoral clients to leverage the benefits of a true digital convergence among multiple stakeholder communities in the real-world.

Hyperlocal Partner Network Delivery Model

Through its unique Local Service Provider [LSP-led] business network, an intelligent hyperlocal delivery model across the globe has been devised and implemented. It is through this network that Rane t4u executes projects on ground and services local customers. technology field.
Our Approach for Designing Solutions

Mobile-based Business Application development for quick access and easy control

Business driven data acquisition strategy involving a mix of Fog and cloud based computing power

Focus on hardware agnostic solutions to ensure easy collaboration & execution of projects across the globe

Constant enhancements of capabilities to implement holistic and globally adaptable ecosystem-centric platforms

Mobile-based Business Application development for quick access and easy control

Business driven data acquisition strategy involving a mix of Fog and cloud based computing power

Implement DSS (Decision Support System) via Business Intelligence Tools

Delivering IoT Solutions To The Real World

Rane t4u operates in a broad spectrum of business streams encompassing gamut of industries. The holistic approach Rane t4u ensures in providing its solutions looks to addressing pain-points of industries/communities as a whole, as the ecosystem approach inherently presents a fairly large canvas for operations reach and depth, rather than limiting our scope to a particular customer or even a set of customers, whom we serve as part of our larger ecosystem of stakeholders.

Rane t4u’s Natural Resources Ecosystem Solutions is a unique ‘for-benefit’ initiative for delivering value to the entire community of stakeholders involved in the movement of natural resources from source to consumer. A trusted government partner, Rane t4u works closely with local district authorities to build inclusive and comprehensives solutions for Sand, Iron Coal, Timber, water distribution, etc., using IoT-enabled platform solutions and other digital and satellite technologies.
  • Sand Ecosystem Platform Solution.
    Rane t4u’s innovative use of Internet of things (IoT) in sand mining allows Government officials to monitor, administer & regulate end–to-end sand mining and transport operations. Besides, consumers, transporters, contractors & public get access to details of sand availability, procurement, transportation & delivery details.

    SMART Solution has evolved an ecosystem consisting of many stakeholders. It is a complex Government-Business-Citizens ecosystem that includes Government bodies, private enterprises, non-profit groups, consumers and citizens. The business model is built on pay as you use and revenue is collected from the business community.
  • Iron Ore Ecosystem Platform Solution
    Harnessing the power of advanced technologies – Cloud, IoT, mobile and GPS/GPRS technologies, Rane t4u proposes an end-to-end iron ore monitoring solution from the source to the end-user or consumer location. The solution enables bifurcation of mineral transporting vehicles from other goods carriages, integrates movement monitoring with transit permit generation and creates a value proposition for all stakeholders across the ecosystem.
  • Natural Resources Mining & Transport Regulation System (NRMTRS) Solutions
    To the untrained eye, the Natural Resource mining and transportation industry is plagued with problems. But Rane t4u saw an opportunity in these challenges. We used technology cleverly to transform the industry.

    Rane t4u developed an IoT-based Natural Resources Mining solution designed to restructure and improve overall operations in the business. We ensure ecologically safe mining activity along with legal transportation. By making the system intelligent, we have helped veer the industry towards transparency and profitability. Turning it into the thriving industry it is meant to be.
  • Dairy - Milk Procurement & Logistics Monitoring Solutions
    The Dairy distribution industry has many fractures in its system that prevents it from reaching its optimal level.

    Rane t4u devised a solution using advanced Cloud, IoT, mobile and GPS/GPRS technologies which help in controling distribution costs, reduces distribution delays and even results in an uptake of milk at retail points. The ability to track vehicle routes, distance travelled and stoppages through the system has streamlined the supply chain while properly allocating transport assets.

    This intelligent use of technology has made it possible for the dairy industry to thrive like never before.
  • Water Tanker Transport Monitoring System Solutions
    Water shortage is a common problem in rapidly growing urban India. This has led to an increase in the demand for water tankers. It has also led the water tanker business become a playing field for corruption.

    Rane t4u wanted to find a solution that would be beneficial to both the consumer and the supplier. Making use of innovative cloud based technology Rane t4u’s Water Tanker Transport Monitoring helps keep the tankers in check. It intelligently solves operational challenges and keeps track of the activities of the various assets involved.
  • Public Distribution System (PDS) Solutions
    Public distribution system (PDS) is an Indian food security system. Established by the Government of India under Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution and managed jointly with state governments in India, it distributes subsidized food and non-food items to India's poor. Rane t4u in a bid to help the PDS, has designed a comprehensive, cloud-based, future-ready solution to monitor, track, and measure, various assets involved in this ecosystem.
  • Ambulance Monitoring Solutions
    Urgent care should be treated with urgency. While this seems like a fairly common sense statement, the reality in India is quite the opposite.

    Rane t4u realizes the importance of immediacy and the difference it can make to someone in need of instant medical attention. Rane t4u’s Ambulance Monitoring Solution reduces the total response time in attending to the patient – from the first reporting of the incident to admitting the individual to the hospital.

    With smarter solutions, Rane t4u was able to build a more efficient system while focusing on what’s most important – the patient.
  • Fishermen Vessel Monitoring Safety Assurance System (FMSAS) Solutions
    Fishing boats during operations in sea/ocean often come under circumstances that require assistance from the coast. The fishermen in these boats require a safety mechanism to ensure their continued operation.

    Keeping in mind the above scenario, a solution has been put forward by combining various devices and mechanisms that are seamlessly integrated to address the pain points in monitoring fishermen vessel operations.
  • Solid Waste Transportation Management System (SWTMS) Solutions
    Solid waste management is one of the major challenges faced by many countries around the globe. Rane t4u's mechanisms to address the pain points in the solid waste transportation management system ensures a smooth functioning of all the assets involved.
Rane t4u’s Distribution Logistics solutions with its cutting-edge technology platform provides end-to-end distribution management. By rendering people and processes more efficient via IoT-enabled technology solutions, Rane t4u is enabling distribution logistics vendors, including 3PLs across different verticals such as cold chain, cash management, QSRs, e-commerce, etc covering last mile, middle mile and long haul logistics, to optimize their services and profits, and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Cash Distribution Logistics Solutions
    Rane t4u presents comprehensive and intelligent cash management solutions to address challenges associated with the entire cash management business.

    The Cash Management solutions go beyond a routine GPS system to provide real-time monitoring, route mapping, cash van and personnel tracking, authentication on work done, reconciliation tool, audit tool, SMS alert, etc.
  • Express Cargo Solutions
    Rane t4u's Express Cargo Solutions delivers a comprehensive solution to the Express logistics industry which address key challenges faced by Express Cargo companies and further enhances the efficiency of operations resulting in a higher profit margin.
  • Cold Chain Solutions
    Rane t4u offers intelligent cold chain logistics solutions to the industry which takes care of the need to transport goods in controlled ambient conditions.

    Some of the features are: Integrated temperature monitoring; alerts when there is change in temperature, 24x7 vehicle movement monitoring with procurement and distribution tracking, Operational Dashboard, MIS reports to support productivity and efficiency of the operations, Route and Vehicle optimization, other alerts – route deviation, rash driving, maintenance etc.
  • Construction Logistics Solutions
    From transporting raw material, to RMC concrete, the requirements are varied and the stakes, very high. Effective construction logistics solutions can help address various challenges, reduce costs, eliminate pilferage and improve productivity.

    With a complete understanding of the challenges faced, Rane t4u offers comprehensive transport and Construction Logistics Solution. The modules for Construction Logistics Solutions include: Cement Mining Logistics, Retail Cement Distribution, Bulker Transportation, Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) Transportation.
  • Inbound Logistics Solutions
    Rane t4u’s logistics management solution improves inbound logistics and helps realize the following business benefits:
    • Improved efficiency across the supply chain due to improved logistics management
    • Minimized pilferage, enhanced operational discipline
    • Reduced inventory through better management of transportation issues
    • Reduced costs through expense and fuel management, increased profits
  • Outbound Logistics Solutions
    Rane t4u’s Outbound Logistics Solution offers different levels of integration to maximize the reliability and efficiency of distribution networks while minimizing transportation and storage costs. It has helped improve the efficiency with reliable forecast and schedule information and collaborative planning. This has led to minimization of errors during production scheduling etc. It has helped reduce costs through expense and fuel management, increased profits.
  • Interplant Logistics Solutions
    Rane t4u, in a bid to help the transportation industry, has designed a comprehensive, cloud-based, future-ready logistics management solution to monitor, track, and measure, various functions of a transportation company. Our interplant logistics management solution integrates easily with the existing ERP system.
  • E-Commerce/Last Mile Delivery Solutions
    The last decade has witnessed an unprecedented surge in e-commerce and Rane t4u has been leading the way in providing intelligent eco-systems to manage the distribution network. Be it Long Haul or Last Mile delivery, Rane t4u’s ecosystem offers value to each stake holder in the chain of events. In the scenario overshadowed by pressure on margins, our solutions assist the bottom line by optimizing the resources at each level in the value chain.

    Rane t4u provides services to the e-commerce companies to make this process well executed and also to ensure hassle free deliveries for the sellers and operators.
Rane t4u’s People Mobility Solutions includes comprehensive end-to-end solutions for vertical segments such as Self Drive, Car Rental and Leasing, Taxi Aggregation, Passenger Bus Transportation, Employee Transportation etc. These vertical-specific solutions have been designed to address operational challenges, safety and security, along with business-critical data analytics and reports.
  • ACE- A Social Impact Initiative
    Autorickshaw Community Empowerment (ACE) Initiative is a non-disruptive, cross-sectoral ecosystem designed to transform the urban-mobility infrastructure in India by empowering the autorickshaw community.

    The architecture of this entire ACE initiative ecosystem is integrated with state-of-the-art Internet of things’ enabled solution which brings various bodies like Autorickshaw Co-operatives themselves, Brands, Banks, Government bodies, NGOs, Global Location Sensing system providers, Commuters and many more stakeholders onto one collaborative commerce technology platform. This platform is designed to leverage each stakeholder’s profession to contribute towards empowering the autorickshaw community through financial inclusion and social upliftment of the autorickshaw drivers community without disrupting their daily business.
  • Self-Drive Solutions
    The Self-Drive vehicle renting segment is undergoing a boom period with consistently increasing demand from customers. Rane t4u has developed a Self-Drive solution that enables self-drive vehicle rental businesses to view and manage their business in real-time through a host of solution offerings. This intelligent use of technology for real-time monitoring and analytics reports has helped deal with issues like over speeding, cross- border alerts, car immobilization, first-of-its-kind keyless entry, trip distance reconciliation and refueling monitoring, amongst other things.

    Rane t4u’s Self-Drive Solutions empowers businesses to garner greater revenues from efficient fleet utilization by being smarter.
  • Car Rental Solutions
    Renting out vehicles is profitable business. However, there are many issues associated with such business. Rental companies always need a system with which they can monitor their assets in case of theft, misappropriation or even an accident.

    Rane t4u’s solution is based on state of art, web based technology that intelligently integrates the GPS system to give car rental owners and managers the tools that improve productivity, and manage costs more effectively.
  • Child Safety Assurance System (CAS) Solutions
    Rane t4u’s Child Safety Assurance System (CSAS) helps monitor, streamline, and safeguard school transport services. The solution is ready to deploy with features like real-time location tracking, driver information, emergency reporting, pre-pickup and pre-drop SMS alerts to parents, RFID attendance management for school, and many other clever inclusions that make the safety system more intelligent.
  • Employee Transportation Management Solutions
    Rane t4u offers the Employee Transport Operations Management Solutions that is designed to help monitor, track, and improve employee transport services. We make this operation smarter by providing real time location tracking, information about driver and passengers, vehicle scheduling, accurate reports on mileage analysis, costs, ROI, and other clever additions.
  • Passenger Bus Transportation Solutions
    Well-organized and efficient Public Transportation has seen success across major cities in the world. To provide effective and sustainable passenger bus transportation services, Rane t4u offers operators a smart solution by providing them with web-based technology that ensures optimal utilization of the services provided.
  • Taxi Operation Management Solutions
    In the recent years, taxis have become a very common and important part of a city’s transportation system. Being able to avail taxi services at any point of time has become a necessity for commuters.

    To fulfill this demand and to ensure smooth operation of the taxis Rane t4u provides services to track and view taxi businesses in real-time on a dashboard with quick access. It easily integrates with external applications and has an intuitive, user-friendly navigation. Making for smarter integrations.
  • Field Force Management Solutions
    Rane t4u presents Field Force Management solution to help organizations, to manage large scale workforce. Our Field Force Management solution allows you to monitor and track individuals through the SIM of his/her office phone connection.

    The solution can extend to any phone, including basic models. It intercepts with the tower that provides network to the SIM and is able to detect the location of the individual is present. This technology helps companies be more efficient by making sure their resources are adding value every step of the way.
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