Rane t4u's Culture is upheld by our Four Value Pillars - WISE

To understand things deeply and with empathy; to be conscious of our limits and explore beyond them.

A consistent commitment to ask the right questions and take the right decisions in a hyper connected world.

To listen through our differences and work collectively as a team. To act with intelligence, intuition and creativity.

By merging intellect with our human heart, to have them work together in harmony and thereby realize our highest potential.

At Rane t4u, we believe that the success of an ecosystem lies in the EMPOWERMENT and GROWTH of each individual member. By building on the values of WISE, we have created an environment in which the acquisition and application of knowledge is a DYNAMIC process, employees are seen as unique and celebrated for their individuality.

We are a platform that empowers employees to EXPERIMENT and EXPRESS themselves. We believe that every human being is inherently CURIOUS and CREATIVE , and have cultivated an open and PLAYFUL environment in which no question is too small and no idea too big.

We believe that there are multiple dimensions to every situation and multiple perspectives in every ecosystem. So, with numerous possibilities come numerous opportunities. To leverage such opportunities for our clients, we foster an atmosphere of INCLUSION and DIVERSITY; we bring the best of our capabilities, knowledge and expertise to the table, crafting solutions that solve clients' problems, while also sustaining and scaling their businesses. Our unique ecosystem approach helps us accomplish these goals in a manner that also upholds the socio-economic and natural environments that clients operate in.

Working in Rane t4u's multi-dimensional environment calls for LEARNING, UNLEARNING and RELEARNING; this is the emergent anthem for everyone to keep upskilling, reskilling, and cross-skilling, in order to adapt to the ever-changing business environment and offer the best to our clients. This is aptly encapsulated in the words of futurist Alvin Toffler - “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who can’t read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” Our culture encourages each and every employee to perpetually be in BETA MODE, constantly striving towards growth.

We are always on the lookout for CREATIVE MINDS, CRITICAL THINKERS, EMPATHETIC FACILITATORS, DETAILED ORGANISERS, and people PASSIONATE ABOUT DELIVERING VALUE to be a part of the Rane t4u ecosystem. If you fit the bill and believe that you are smart and talented, yet humble enough to ask questions, do thorough research, and unlearn your past and relearn for the future, we would love to speak with you.

The Rane t4u tribe

NATURE LOVERS who like enabling businesses to be profitable and sustainable

RIGHT BRAINERS who are always trying to give a creative expression to left brained businesses

LIFELONG LEARNERS who are perpetually in beta mode, because if you’re not evolving you’re not growing

MAVERICKS who thrive on adventures by constantly venturing into the unknown and making things click

ACE – Social Impact Initiative