Infrastructure & Deployment

For digital platforms to enhance the performance of real-world operations, it’s essential to have robust integrated infrastructure in place. To achieve this, Rane t4u applies the best sensors and employs expert system integrators to bring clients on-ground intelligence in real-time.

Rane t4u uses brand-agnostic hardware and a customized approach when it comes to integrating any sensor into an operational ecosystem, ensuring the solution that is designed for the client doesn’t force-fit a brand into the system; rather, we either source or develop a sensor that’s best suited to the operational terrain.

Additionally, Rane t4u has the most experienced team of system integrators, who have worked in various sectors for many years; this makes our solution deployment capabilities the finest in the industry. Our in-house R&D team provides the most unique customizing options for clients, enabling them to track the performance of key required parameters.