Field Force Services

A Hyperlocal Field Force for Seamless
On Ground Operations

The success of any IoT platform, solution or service depends on its day-to-day implementation and maintenance. This is where Rane t4u stands apart; through our unique hyperlocal field force model, we offer clients a skilled on ground support team that implements solutions and oversees their daily functioning and upkeep.

This model is based on an extensive network of local partners, who use their expertise and local know-how to execute solutions and deliver services on ground, making the service highly sustainable and easily scalable.

The local service hubs established through our model serve as field installations that specialize in upkeep and maintenance, as well as on-ground execution to the last detail. The presence of our local partners with their regional resources and networks helps us provide immediate and accurate service delivery to our clients, always.

A Global Reach with a Local Presence

Our network of local service providers

  • Middle East
  • UAE, Kuwait, Qatar,
  • Saudi Arabia, Oman & Bahrain

  • Africa
  • Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda,
  • Ethiopia, Nigeria & Namibia

  • South East Asia
  • India, Sri Lanka,
  • Myanmar, Malaysia & Indonesia

  • Europe
  • United Kingdom

Specialized Field Operators to Manage
Specialized IoT Infrastructure On Ground

Rane t4u’s Field Force Services & Solutions help clients effectively implement IoT solutions on-ground; the Field Force can also be independently deployed to be an organization's large-scale workforce on-ground and manage its digitally connected assets and processes. Our Field Force equips clients for a complete on-ground digital transformation of operational ecosystems; this results in faster turn-arounds, real-time assistance, customizable SOPs, and offers proof of services and SLA metrics to ensure complete field operational visibility and improved operational efficiency.

With nearly 100 highly trained experts located in strategic hubs around India and the world, Rane t4u Field Service provides qualified and committed competence for all types of field situations and contingencies that a logistics and mobility business might face, ensuring seamless visibility and upkeep of deployed assets.

These field service solutions can be innovated and tailored to a client’s needs to help secure high levels of availability, flexibility and reliability in field operations. Rane t4u Field Service is responsive and delivers reliable support as per agreed upon SLAs, which can build strong long-term partnerships and help track and safeguard assets over the lifetime of the engagement, with exceptional Field Service Performance, Field Service Innovation and Field Service Support.

Service Features and Highlights

High and accurate levels of service delivery with discipline and craft

Validation of travel bills based on distance

Real-time visibility of connected Field Force

Personnel & asset safety

Increased operational efficiency & cost optimization

Accountability & case analysis support

SLA management with clear metrics

Alerts & notifications

Customizable standard operating procedures (SOP)

Options to avail On-demand/Premium support services

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