Goods Logistics

Rane t4u improves the precision and predictability of end-to-end distribution management with real-time location intelligence and advanced data analytics. By including every person and process involved in last mile, middle mile and long-haul logistics on a single IoT-enabled platform, Rane t4u enables visibility and control across the supply chain. It also empowers a wide spectrum of distribution logistics vendors, including 3PLs across cold chain, cash management, QSRs and e-commerce. The benefits are felt across the value chain, with up-to-the-minute tracking, on-time delivery, streamlined operations and greater customer satisfaction.

Key Solutions for
Goods Logistics Sectors

Key Solutions for Goods Logistics Management Sectors

Our solutions and services can be customized to address specific needs or applied as end-to-end practices that transform the operations of the entire business network. From offering essential services such as consignment management and data analytics to key differentiators like monitoring the health of vehicles, Rane t4u enables logistics companies to make the most of the technological revolution that’s reshaping the industry.

Vehicle Health

Vehicle health monitoring and proactive maintenance, including engine & battery health, tyre pressure & running KMs, mileage history & predictions etc.


Load and vehicle placement, smart hub management, ETA, delay metrics, trip rules & SOP, driver behaviour, traffic updates.


Booking & scheduling, real time tracking and delivery acknowledgement, in-transit safety & security, ETA and real-time visibility.


Real-time visibility, vehicle utilization support, fleet maintenance, tyre & fuel management alerts.


Driver performance report and identification details, driver score card and progress/impact of key driving metrics.


Delivery compliance report, enroute performance report, vehicle trip and operations, transport operation efficiency, utilization percentage, historical factors for delay, trip efficiency per vehicle model, type and driver.

Cold Chain Temperature

Temperature monitoring for cold chain compliance, monitoring of the IoT sensors on temperature, location-based weather, terrain, and traffic data updates.

Multi Vendor
Fleet Integration

Integrating feeds from various market vehicle vendors and normalizing OBD data across all OEM models and vehicle types.

Other Customised Solutions

In-transit advertisements, return load management, driver training module, etc.

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