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Among emerging technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT) is slated to have the most far-reaching impact not just on how we do business, but also how we live. Studies estimate that from 9 billion in 2017, IoT devices will number around 64 billion by 2026, with companies and governments investing nearly $15 trillion dollars to harness this technology (Source: BI Intelligence). The potential of IoT doesn’t lie in devices alone; the data yielded by these interconnected devices is just as promising, with companies tapping into data to enhance their products and services, while improving productivity and making their businesses more agile and innovative.

Some of the sectors where the impact of IoT is immediately visible are the logistics and mobility industries,which are quickly evolving to meet shifting market dynamics and avail the opportunities that digital transformation opens up. Rane t4u stands at the front-line of this change, particularly in the domains of goods logistics, people mobility and the management and transportation of natural resources. Our platforms, solutions and services are particularly effective because they are powered by not only cutting-edge and emerging digital technologies, but also best-in-class local experts who ensure optimum, seamless performance on-ground.

This is made possible by our unique Channel Partner network model, which drives our partner empowerment program and creates an extensive network of local partners located around the world. The Channel Partner network model is an exceptional platform that enables local entrepreneurs to partner with Rane t4u and grow their own IoT-enabled logistics and mobility business with advanced technological and infrastructural support from Rane t4u. The engagement of partners at a local level also generates organic employment within the community. By leveraging their local know-how and networks, they can scale up their own enterprise by harnessing the unique business opportunities offered by IoT and other emerging technologies.

The IoT Impetus

Emerging opportunities in the Logistics and Mobility sectors

The sweeping transformation of the logistics and mobility domains is catalyzed by emerging technologies such as IoT, Ai, machine learning, etc., creating new market requirements and entrepreneurial models. By partnering with Rane t4u at this decisive moment, our channel partners can tap into the new opportunities on the horizon with the constant support of a pioneer and one of the most reputed companies in IoT platforms, solutions and services. Today, the logistics and mobility industries stand at the crossroads of change, which is brought on by several disruptors.

These factors will drive more companies to build their ‘digital fitness’ and adopt technology-driven business models and solutions, and Rane t4u is perfectly poised to help them make this transition. This opens up the market for our channel partners as well, enabling them to not just be a part of the economy’s digital transformation, but at the forefront of it.

Get a Head Start on Your IoT Venture

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While a business in the IoT domain offers exceptional opportunities, it also requires substantial expertise and infrastructure. This is where a partnership with Rane t4u proves crucial. With an established market presence, domain expertise and cutting-edge technology, Rane t4u offers your business readily available technology and hardware, as well as incisive industry knowledge. This reduces go-to-market durations significantly, and our channel partners get their businesses up and running in as little as seven days.

Grow with Rane t4u

Our model enables channel partners to maintain complete control over the business while leveraging
our technological innovations and business know-how.

Reap multiple benefits as our channel partner

Receive an early return on investment and recurring monthly revenues. Rane t4u’s focus on emerging markets ensures that revenues can be scaled over time.

By creating breakthrough solutions for logistics and mobility companies in nascent markets, Rane t4u operates in areas with a high growth potential. This creates excellent avenues for our partners as well.

Make your business resilient and dynamic with Rane t4u’s multi-stakeholder platforms, technological innovations, market reach, strong expertise, and established network model support system.

By integrating multiple stakeholders on a single digital platform, Rane t4u creates continuous value for clients. Moreover, our focus on emerging economies and constant innovations add to the business stability.

A synergistic partnership

Channel Partners bring their local knowledge and networks to the partnership, while Rane t4u provides opportunities for growth and the latest business intelligence.

Role of Channel Partners

Business development by leveraging local knowledge and relationships

Establishing customer relationships in their local markets

Generating revenue from their local markets

Delivering ongoing services to locally situated customers

Rane t4u’s support to Channel Partners

Partner empowerment through business ecosystems created by Rane t4u

Assisting in key customer acquisition

Establishing standard operating procedures

Imparting training and skill enhancement

Providing domain expertise

Providing technology expertise

Implementing best practices

The geography of

    With a focus on the world’s emerging markets, Rane t4u is currently offering opportunities for channel partnerships in these key regions.

  • Middle East
  • UAE, Kuwait, Qatar,
  • Saudi Arabia, Oman & Bahrain

  • Africa
  • Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda,
  • Ethiopia, Nigeria & Namibia

  • South East Asia
  • India, Sri Lanka,
  • Myanmar, Malaysia & Indonesia

  • Europe
  • United Kingdom