Our solutions and services streamline supply chains and make the collection and distribution of essential natural resources more sustainable, transparent, easier to control and fully compliant with policy regulations. By using advanced location intelligence, IoT and big data analytics, Rane t4u engages every stakeholder – from government authorities, private vendors, the local community, and the end consumer – to make every process more visible and efficient, delivering greater value at every touch point.

Key Solutions for
Natural Resources Sectors

Rane t4u brings every aspect of the supply chain of natural resources, from source to consumer, onto an IoT-enabled business platform. This offers greater visibility over the entire system, as well as actionable insights into how it can be improved to benefit each and every stakeholder.

GPS & NavIC based Vehicle Tracking

Real-time visibility, tracking and geo-fencing of mineral carrying vehicles, routes between source and destination, alerts on idling/stoppage or any deviations/violations on routes, alerts in case of device tampering or compliance issues, reports on detailed summary on vehicle activities and playback history.


24×7 consumer and partner helpdesk, compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), predefined process flow and SLAs, ticketing and resolution of issues, IVRS support, L1, L2, L3 & L4 levels of support and timelines.

Consumer Management System

Online booking & payment platform, order management accounts and order delivery tracking system.

IT Infrastructure

Deployment at State Data Centers (SDC), public & private Cloud integration, API integration with existing policy/permit systems, high availability & disaster recovery enablement, security standard and certifications, back-end system setup and hardware & software procurement.

Stockyard Management Module

Natural resource levels account monitoring system, GPS-linked vehicles monitoring system, MDP (Mineral Dispatch Permit), DC issuance system, RFID and CCTV surveillance system.

Integrated Command Control Centre (ICCC)

Real-time status dashboards, centralized information for mineral management, complete operations control, assistance in decision-making process and handling emergency scenarios, operations control tower unit, operations ecosystem dashboards, reporting SPOC for state and district administrations.

Weighbridge Management System

Stock in & out process, precise stock management, accountability & policy adherence, legal compliance, OEM-agnostic, easily integrates with any weighbridge, completely eliminates manual interventions, enables vehicle authorisation and authentication, computes tare and gross weight for trips.

Transporter & Trip Management System

Connects transporters through mobile app, allocates mineral booking orders automatically and manually, computes mineral transportation charges, transport regulatory compliance, fair trip allocation, trip start-to-closure tracking.

Analytics & Reporting Module

Demand & supply analysis, violation hotspots, optimization of processes, stockyard non-permitted entry reports, unlicensed excavation reports and MIS dashboards.

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