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Among emerging technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT) is slated to have the most far-reaching impact not just on how we do business, but also how we live.

Studies estimate that from 9 billion in 2017, IoT devices will number around 64 billion by 2026, with companies and governments investing nearly $15 trillion dollars to harness this technology (Source: BI Intelligence). Some of the sectors where the impact of IoT is immediately visible are the logistics and mobility industries, which are quickly evolving to meet shifting market dynamics and avail the opportunities that digital transformation open-up. Today there are significant differences in the level of utilization among commercial vehicles due to non-fixed truck application, where the utilization is driven by the nature of the load and associated constraints. Which is urging the industry to become smarter about their operations.

One of the most critical changes that is likely to have a significant impact on how various stakeholders will conduct their business across the mobility ecosystem is the proliferation of connected mobility (sharing mobility, SIM-powered telematics, autonomous cars, etc.). One major trend emerging in the global automotive sector in the 21st century is Vehicle Connectivity. With more than 100 million lines of code on an average likely in each vehicle by 2023, software and data are likely to become the next “oil”. [Source- Deloitte]

Rane t4u’s Partner Empowerment Program

While a business in the IoT domain offers exceptional opportunities, it also requires substantial expertise and infrastructure. Rane t4u’s Partner Empowerment Program is a great opportunity for all aspiring IoT-entrepreneurs to start their own IoT-venture with readily available technology and hardware, as well as incisive industry knowledge. Rane t4u’s Partner Empowerment Program reduces your go-to-market durations significantly, and has you getting your business up and running in as little as seven days.

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