People Mobility Management

Rane t4u's People Mobility solutions focus on continuously reshaping and evolving the mobility landscape, especially in urban centres, to enable 'Mobility-as-a-Service'. The offerings include digital platforms, innovative solutions, and sustainable services for various modes of transport such as ride hailing services, public transport, emergency care services, employee transportation and more. Accompanied by cutting-edge, up-to-the-minute business intelligence, Rane t4u’s solutions can make diverse aspects of the People Mobility business more synchronized and safer, while yielding crucial insights through data analytics.

Key Solutions for
People Mobility Sectors

From managing entire fleets of vehicles to analyzing the operations of an individual car, Rane t4u offers solutions that look at the bigger picture will also offering specific, incisive services that make everyday operations more streamlined.

& Invoices

Invoices, exception reports, customer feedback, bill calculation based on distance, time, extra KMs, border crossings, tolls etc., email & SMS notifications, penalty for driving behaviour, violations of terms & conditions.

Fleet Maintenance

Preventive maintenance (regular scheduled service & preventive service), statutory compliance management, vehicle service maintenance notifications, SLA dashboard.

Smart Car Control

Intelligent Recovery Assistance Platform (iRAP), smart car control, keyless entry system, door status, alerts and reports (over speed, idle, etc.), alert to operation team in mobile application.

Integrated Fleet Solution

Fleet monitoring, alerts, daily MIS reports, maintenance dashboard, fleet diagnostics and prognostics solution (supports both IC engine and EV cars), installation services, upkeep management, control tower management.


Usage analytics, demand analysis, real-time movement and customer driving skill analytics, destination analysis, asset valuation module, etc.

Vehicle Health

Continuous monitoring of key vehicle components like engine, battery etc., real-time diagnostic health report based on OBD II events, prognostic analysis to predict possible failure scenarios powered by AI models.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Enabling advanced assisted driver equipment, alerting driver on collisions, lane departures, pedestrian crossings, traffic signals etc., collecting driving behaviour data for post-incident analysis and insurance telematics requirements.

Electric Mobility

Connecting the ecosystem for electric fleet owners through identification of nearby charge points, status of charging gun availability, mobile-based charging requests and authorization without manual interventions, bills as per consumption and digital payments etc.

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