Senior Business Advisor


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    8-15 years of experience
    MBA with BE/B.Tech preferred


    The individual playing this role will be responsible for building the sustainability, scalability and profitability of the Business Unit that comprises a portfolio of customers in the mobility/ logistics segment.

    The cross-sector BU will interact with entities, in turn combining the technology and project management, and conceptualizing capabilities of t4u to address business challenges. This individual will be responsible for high-level strategic and tactical leadership to the various stakeholders of t4u.

    The individual will also be responsible for evolving the structure that will propel and sustain the specific BU as a seamless value-generating, problem-solving entity for t4u’s Enterprise and/or Public sector customers, partners and stakeholders (both internal & external).


    While the role is multi-faceted, the following are the primary areas of focus that will be expected of this individual.

    • Strategic Slant:
      • The SBU will create shareholder value by providing the vision, leadership, strategy and general management skills necessary to grow the multi-faceted BU into a dominant player in its industry, which will include development and implementation of a strategic plan to advance the company vision, mission, strategies and objectives to promote revenue, profitability and growth.
      • Development, review and refinement of the company’s business strategy, and execution of that strategy to obtain a leading position in the marketplace. Ensure revenue growth is achieved in a responsible and profitable manner.
      • Must be extremely Techno Business savvy and able to understand and develop a synergy between Technology, Operations and Business.
      • Thorough understanding of the Indian market (Private, Public Sector and channel business) & International Business requirements.
      • Provide leadership and guidance to the next level Leadership team within the BU and the horizontal functions that will be supportive from a functional stand-point.
    • Stakeholder Relations and Development:
      • Be the chief steward of the BU, ensuring it is well-positioned in the Public market place, and build relationships and credibility with outside partners to provide the necessary resources to grow the BU and in turn, the organization.
      • Work with the internal stakeholders (Cross-Functional Heads) to satisfy customer needs, develop and nurture new and existing customers, partnerships, strategic alliances and other market opportunities.
      • Set up processes and systems with the internal team to improve customer satisfaction, and maintain a strategic dialogue with all customers.
      • Ensure the smooth running of the SBU while continuously growing the revenue and increasing the number of stakeholders and strategic partners.
    • Project Management:
      • Able to identify and manage risks and opportunities with a demonstrated capability to manage multiple projects.
      • Team Management:
      • Strong team building, coaching and communication skills to lead and motivate the teams in achieving organizational and individual goals; high motivation levels, with demonstrated leadership, program management, and communication skills
      • Coordinating with the appropriate functional leaders to ensure proper budget, schedule and direction with realistic staffing/budget estimates by developing internal processes for team and inter-team working.
    • New Business Acquisition:
      • Work with new business acquisition team to identify and develop opportunities to strengthen and expand t4u’s client base, driving revenue by identifying prospects with which t4u can forge a successful, long-term partnership.
    • Profit and Loss Management
      • Monitor and manage the revenue and expenditure for the Business Unit
      • Identify cost saving measures without diluting the value proposition
      • Ensure meaningful involvement in products & services pricing decisions


    • An Individual with a Master’s Degree in Business and/ or Operations Management would be preferable
    • Minimum 8 Years of experience with proven experience in a leadership capacity. Experience of managing a P&L will be a definite advantage
    • Someone who has worked in a B2B model. Additional experience with a B2C model is an advantage
    • Demonstrated ability to comprehend and discuss intangible concepts and/ or solutions with CXOs, Customers while not being averse to understand the ground level challenges
    • The right Individual who should display the ability to meet with and convince multiple sets of diverse stakeholders and leave a strong impression borne out of the Individuals ability to be assertive, confident and speak from complete conviction as the face and voice of the BU
    • Candidates that are entrepreneurial in nature, with high energy, charisma and fantastic communication and are not afraid of building an entire system from scratch are the kind of Individuals that will crack this job
    • An extremely result oriented individual with an inclusive social thread who thrives on a high-pressure environment will feel right at home here
    • An Individual who is able to comprehend and connect (seemingly distinct) dots into a complete and holistic picture will relish the dynamic nature and expectations of this role